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 Classroom Rules and Sign-up Sheet

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Tavaine Arnyth

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PostSubject: Classroom Rules and Sign-up Sheet   Tue Aug 19, 2008 1:47 am

Greetings, class. I am your Potions teacher, Professor Arnyth. Although I would much prefer it if you just called me Vaine.
Before we start the lessons, I have a few classroom rules to announce.
1) I will not tolerate godmodding, which is making another character say or do something.
2) You must complete at least two of the homework assignments to pass the course. They are relatively easy assignments, so if you choose to take this class, there should be no excuse other than prolonged and excused absence for not completing two at minimum.
3) Please PM finished assignments to me as opposed to hitting the "reply" button on the post and putting it there- people can copy your work.
4) You may not, I repeat MAY NOT kill another character. Even if it is yours. Period. End of statement. Done.
5) I don't mind chit-chatting in class. By all means use the post space as a Chatterbox of sorts.
6) I might tell you now that finished assignments are worth 30 points for your House, and an additional 10 for perfect scores.
I believe those are all my rules right now, and I hope that you have a nice term studying Potions.
Thank you!
Sign Up Sheet is here as well:

Potions is a required class for First through Fifth Years, although it would be in students' best interest to take Potions throughout their Hogwarts career.

Please post your name, house, and year, and you shall be signed up for Potions.

~Professor Tavaine Arnyth

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Classroom Rules and Sign-up Sheet
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